I walked by her window one Sunday morning and heard the sweet sound of her trill. And just like that I fell in love. Instantly. Without warning. Ever since that fateful Sunday morning, I always sit on her door step listening. I’m not religious, but this has become my church. It’s like an angel was sent down from heaven and started trilling just for me. She speaks to me in ways no one ever has before, without actually saying anything. Except that she says everything. She encapsulates all my pain, all my sorrow, and all my hopes and dreams in the sweet sound of her trill. I’ve never gotten the courage to go up to her door and introduce myself. After all, how does one introduce oneself to an angel? Besides, I wouldn’t want to ruin all these beautiful moments by not having my love reciprocated. Rejection is a terrible thing. I must say that today she sounds especially lovely. I’ve been sitting here for over an hour now and I have to admit my butt does ache greatly. But wait. She stopped. What’s that? I hear footsteps. Oh my God! The door is unlocking! Do I run? No! I must face my angel! As the door begins to open, I turn to her, eyes closed for fear of being blinded by her beautiful light!

“Kiss me!” I yell.

To my great surprise, my angel does kiss me! I can’t believe it! My angel loves me! I open my eyes… oh dear Lord! I have made a grave mistake! My angel is a man.

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